WordPress 2.0 Installed and working!

Well, I finally got around to it today, and ‘upgraded’ my main blog to WordPress 2.0 as I had planned.

It is the first time I had tried anything like this so I did it with some trepidation! initially I tried it on a development/trial site, then went for the live version.
The steps I took are listed below.

Quick version : downloaded and unzipped WordPress 2.0, changed the wp-config.php to point correctly and up-loaded all the files. Ran the upgrade script.

Longer version:

  • Backed up my MySql wordpress file and my .htaccess file
  • Deactivated all the plug-ins
  • COPIED the details from my wp-config.php file
  • and unzipped it locally
  • Download WordPress 2.0 from here
  • Updated WP 2.0 ‘s wp-config.php with the database name, user name and password I had copied.
  • Uploaded the files & directories using FileZilla, to the correct directory (root in my case) and allowed the new files to replace pre-existing files of the same name.
  • Ran the upgrade script in the wp-admin directory.
  • Had a gin and tonic to celebrate……

It really was that simple. I admit I then deleted some redundant files/directories that had been relocated in WordPress 2.0; but that was easy. I also added a line to my .htaccess that I needed from before.

Reactivating the plugins waited until I had checked them against the “official list” of known compatibilities. I only had one that failed the list and it was redundant given the new features of WP 2.0 . (I think that list is official anyway 🙂 )

BTW – there is no doubt that some of the best guides to wordpress issues are written and available at Podz wordpress guides, and there is a great one on upgrading to WP 2.0 here too.

So – off and running. Will Blog the changes I notice, likes and dislikes as I come across ’em.

Let me know what you have done, the problems – if any. 😀


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