WordPress 2.01

Just a quick note that I have updated my main blog to WordPress 2.01. A painless procedure IMHO and kudos to the WP team for the rapid availability of this update 😀

As always, I followed their upgrade instructions very closely (especially about backing up!).



WordPress 2.0 Installed and working!

Well, I finally got around to it today, and ‘upgraded’ my main blog to WordPress 2.0 as I had planned.

It is the first time I had tried anything like this so I did it with some trepidation! initially I tried it on a development/trial site, then went for the live version.
The steps I took are listed below.

Quick version : downloaded and unzipped WordPress 2.0, changed the wp-config.php to point correctly and up-loaded all the files. Ran the upgrade script.

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Web Hosting Blues

Agghh… Yet again my external (non-Wordpress.com) host has failed me 😦

After becoming a refugee from my previous host (they had sold the business, but forgot to tell anyone, and the new owners were a disaster), I decided to try a WordPress.org recommendation. Not being ENTIRELY stupid, I did some research on them and picked one with a long track record and good reviews. They offered up-to-date WordPress installs, good bandwidth etc etc…..
Looks like everyone else was looking too… Not long after joining, the uptime became downtime +++.
My email was answered quite professionally, citing moving to new servers, inadequate staff (presumably growing fast!) and a promise that all would be well “soon”. Also offered pro-rated refund which was appreciated. Decided to stick it out – but no go. Up time around 75% according to my independent monitor.

So – Now have ANOTHER host – multisite account with Site5 – similar deal. Great reviews (and I know this one is growing fast!). They seem to cope better with the growth though.

I REALLY hate moving servers…..

Will publish an entry on picking a web host shortly – but with my track record… 🙂

p.s. If you want to know who I WAS with contact me via The Silent Deep. I know they ARE trying, so won’t publish their name here.

The Internet Cognoscenti – what are you up to?

Well, as I’ve said before I have recently returned to the fold and started re-investigating the ‘net.

After several weeks of looking, trying, learning, being confused and experiencing sudden enlightenment (!), I have come to these conclusions about the way the well-informed, net savvy person is using their Internet!

Firstly, you have your own domain name. Preferably a “vanity” one that is immediately identifiable! Smith.com has more cache than albertsmith.com and far more than albertFsmith.net! At the very least, this allows you to have a persistent email address despite changing ISPs over time. Make sure you have bought a 5 or 9 year lease on the name. Quite possibly you have also bought domains for your family, relatives, and acquaintances.
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Akismet is Kismet indeed!

Heh heh – well Matt has shown us what the API key is for – Akismet anti-spam system. Works for all your non-WordPress.com blogs.

Seems like a good idea – as long as the security aspects of all my comments winging their way to him and back again are sorted out!

As far as I can work out – your comments get sent to them for analysis, get the yes or no and then sent back for my system to display or not…..The trick is to keep the central spam register accurate – let’s hope it works!

I think it will…. 🙂