Podcaster News Network (PCN) up and running

Well, it’s been a while coming but now its up and running! Podcaster News Network is ‘live’ at www.PodcastNews.com.
My take on this is it’s essentially a podcast aggregator that combines specific (subscribed/selectable) news shows – each of 5 minutes, into one downloadable show that you can take with you. They offer tech-news, weather, entertainment, politics, health, education, sport etc etc. It differs from a classical aggregator in that it has specific,designed ‘casts of 5 minutes each with the aim to provide succinct and relevant comments to fit the time frame.

The Podcaster News Network has been developed by the team at RawVoice to offer you short 3 – 5 minute podcasts, produced by our own PCN podcasters. You customize your daily news by choosing podcasts from various categories. By creating a PCN User account (sign up takes about a minute) you will then have the ability to select as many podcasts as you like and create a custom newscast. This custom news cast can then be listened to straight from the site, downloaded to your home computer /mp3 player or subscribed via a single RSS feed.

This is a bit of a paradigm shift that deserves watching, and certainly has potential. So far the process has been painless with subscribing and collating a series of podcasts for my interest, but there is still a way to go to fully ‘flesh out’ the categories that are available. For example – as I write this the ‘weather’ , ‘travel’ and ‘world news’ categories are empty although there are 20 available podcasts overall..
Site design looks excellent and professional.
This has the potential to be something both important AND big. It has the possibility to be the first formal Podcast based news forum, allowing a single outlet for news and information from the grass roots podcasting community.
It certainly bears watching.


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