Up and Running

Well, both platforms installed and up and running.

Initial Impression:

Both look good from the “readers? perspective ‘out of the box’. The generic style is acceptable and utilitarian, but that is of limited importance in the long run – I plan to install custom themes anyway.

The access to the administration section is interesting.WHY didn’t movable type place a link to it on the default template? It is a PAIN in the a$$ to have to type in yourblog.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi! I am sure in the long run that would be second nature but – not what I would call user friendly for the newbie. In WordPress there is a direct link in the sidebar. Both protected by passwords of course – and I appreciate the facility to email the password to the default address if you forget your password.

WordPress admin area:

Drops you straight onto the dashboard with recent information from wordpress.org. A simple horizontal menu leads to other areas like composition, management of old posts and new comments; customization areas for options, themes and styles as well as the expected gamut of options for customising permalinks, notification areas etc. It seems intuitive and straightforward.

Movable Type admin area:

Personally, I don’t find it as intuitive. To be fair, probably because it is potentially able to manage multiple blogs rather than just one like WordPress. I tried out the WordPress one first, so that may have biased me by its relative simplicity, but the MT just seemed more bloated, requiring passage through too many menus to get where I wanted.

At this point – for me – WP is winning based on ease of use and abilities.


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