Installing Movable Type

I must admit some trepidation to installing movable type. Especially as the official site seems to warn that it’s difficult and may be worthwhile paying someone else to install it for you! However – thought I would give it a go – there are really quite comprehensive instructions on the site, as well as “simplified? instructions elsewhere.

In the end, I found the official installation instructions comprehensive and complete. In fact – possibly more straightforward than the “simplified? version.

Uploading the platform via ftp was time consuming (20 minutes or so) and I had to be careful with Binary versus ASCII file types, but over all no real problems.

I ran the initial script once the upload was complete, and this confirmed that I had the requisite components on the server.

I also had to set up the MySql database – name – password – which was easy from C-panel – although I wasn’t aware that C-panel would append a prefix of my user name to my chosen database name. Important to notice or Movable type can’t find the database!I then edited the config file to point to the correct database, password etc.

The installation script was then run and that set up the tables etc. for Movable type. This part was essentially transparent.

From there it was a matter of logging in, changing the password, adding my email address for notifications and posting!

Overall – more complex to install than WordPress but do-able. As I already mentioned, it is not as if I will be continually installing it, so ease of installation is of marginal importance when comparing the two; as long as its installable.


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